Maddie lilac fawn merle French Bulldog

Hi I’m Maddie a lilac fawn merle French Bulldog. I’ve lived with my human momma, daddy, two human brothers, and Frenchie siblings since I was about 7 weeks old. I love my family. Just look how cute I was as a little one. 


My human brothers Tytan and Trenton loved carrying me around when I was a little squeak. 

I particularly loved hanging out with my momma. She dressed me up in cute little leashes and shirts and carried me around everywhere in her doggie purse. 

Another thing I loved was sleeping in the bed. Momma always potty trains her pups  by letting them sleep with her so she knows when to get up in the middle of the night. Do you think I can protest that I don’t get to sleep in the bed anymore? What are my Frenchie rights? Hehe! 

I enjoy long walks down country roads, hanging out in the hammock with my daddy, curling up on the couch, snuggling up in a warm blanket, and riding shotgun to pick up the boys from school. 

Momma says I am quite beautiful and loves my one eye that’s still partially blue. I look like I’m a solid color at glance but I am a lilac fawn merle French Bulldog.

Overall I really love my family. Nobody better mess with them or else.

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Frenchiegrams of me and my pups!
Maddie snuggles and kisses are the best. She’s expecting her little puplets in June. 
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So I had to use this pic again. It’s just so sweet. All three generations. All the same color. All sweetie pies. 🥧
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Love what I do. 💞
Brantley is getting ready for his new family. Smelling pretty. 💐
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Let me tell you a secret...I woof you! ~Brady 💕🐾💕
Brady really is the sweetest boy. 
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Toys...yes please! I love my toys but I also love to snuggle the days away. Dreaming of a family that loves to snuggle. 
Make sure to check out more pics of me by clicking the link in the bio and searching my name Brantley. 🙌
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Almost twinsies. Love these two little guys. They are quite entertaining but also love to snuggle in for long naps on the couch. 
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Just sitting around lookin’ cute today. 
Definitely check out more pics of me on my page in the website. My name is Brantley Just go to the website and search for me. 
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