Bubbles Lilac Fawn Merle French Bulldog

Hi, I’m Bubbles a lilac fawn merle French Bulldog. Lilac fawn means I’m a champagne color and the merle means I have other pieces of greyish color throughout my coat. The merle is hard to see but when you look close you can definitely tell. I also have light eyes. Momma says I carry cream. She’s pretty excited about this as I could have platinum colored puppies.  My nicknames are Bubs and Bubby.  

Momma raised me from a pup.

She loved taking pics of me and dressing me up in cute headbands

My fur-momma is Maddie and I also have my sister Lestina that I’ve grown up with. Lessie and I love to play soccer with the metal food bowls. I especially love carrying one around when it’s time to eat. I think momma appreciates my help.

I am the first to jump in my cage and patiently wait for my food to be ready for me. Momma makes my food fresh for me for breakfast and dinner. It’s raw chicken, steamed veggies, eggs, and a variety of other things like liver to keep me healthy. I also take my daily vitamins, probiotics, and fish oil. Oh, and I have been known to eat a few things like socks but momma has kept me alive and I think I’m over that phase of my life. Momma does watch me close and has trained the boys to not leave stuff laying around. 

My most favorite past time is chewing on my water buffalo horns. In fact, all of the horns are mine! When I’m not chewing on my horns, you can find me romping around the back yard playing. I love to run as fast as I can with my Frenchie friends. 

I also love when it’s time to lay on the couch and watch movies with the human family in the evenings. Overall, I’d say I am a happy Frenchie girl. Just tell momma to give me more buffalo horns. I can never have too many. 

Oh, and momma says I should have my first litter of pups by the end of 2022 and Nacho will be my baby daddy. 

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