Happy Frenchie Friday all! It’s been quite a week!  We’ve had our hands full with working with pups at different stages needing different types of attention and training. Ms. Sushi and Saya are joining their furever home with their new daddy this evening. They worked on walking on a leash this week. First, they started with Lessie joining them so she could show them the ropes and how it’s done. Both girls did great! 

And were also very happy to be home. 

I think I’ll take a nap and recover right here.

Who woke me up? 

Ok Sushi.  Let’s cuddle.

Oh, and I get kisses too? 

These girls believe this couch belongs to them. 

We have a heater hog in the house. Who else has one? This is Cypress. 

Cypress and Cabo are the snuggle team. We’re here for our snuggles. They’ve been given their own litter box this week to start working on litter box training. They’ve been hitting it about 50% of the time which I feel is pretty good for just having it a day. Maybe by next week they’ll be at 70-80%. 🙂 I’ve found most pups are naturally drawn to it if given the opportunity. These boys are available. 

What’s cuter than a Frenchie pup? A pile of Frenchie pups! 

We just love watching them snooze. Check out more pics of them here!  . 
These little guys have been keeping me on my toes or at least out of my bed sleeping next to them. We have one girl who’s had the sniffles and I’m thankful I basically have a full ICU Frenchie set-up to care for her. We have an incubator, oxygen concentrator, nebulizer, snot sucker tools, and more. It’s amazing when you invest in the right equipment you can implement protocols quickly and keep your pups healthy. 

Look at this pile of Frenchies! 

We can’t forget little Fiona. Watcha doin’ momma? 

The boys had the day off today so Saya and Sushi went on a walk. They did a great job on their walk. 

And enjoyed a break at the park. This is their last day here with us as they get to join their new dad this evening. We will miss these girls but are happy for them to have found their family. 

As you can see, we do our best to socialize and train our pups based on their age and abilities. If you’re looking for a Frenchie pup, make sure to check out our available pups. 

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