Congrats! We have received your deposit on your very own Frenchie baby! Make sure to text Amanda at 417-379-8159 to let her know you’ve made the deposit. She will then confirm the deposit has been made.

You will receive a series of emails from us answering commonly asked questions. As questions come up feel free to ask.

You will also receive the weekly Frenchie Friday’s email as well keeping you up to date on all things Frenchie.

If your puppy is 3 weeks or older, go to the 3 weeks section and register for the course as it must be completed before pick-up. Watch the video in that section which shows you how to register so there is less confusion on how to do so. If your puppy isn’t born yet or isn’t 3 weeks old, just wait until that time comes to complete the course.

Bookmark your puppy’s page or the litter page to continue to watch them grow as pics are placed on these pages weekly. If you do not see new pics/videos by Sunday morning let Amanda know and it will be fixed. If it’s before then, you will have to be patient until they are added. We know it’s an exciting time for you and you can’t wait to see pics.

Amanda is main point of contact. Text is best but you can call or email as well. Save this number in your phone: 417-379-8159. If she does not respond to you within 24 hours, please check back. If it is a todo item, she will not respond until it is done.

Remember you get 20% off products at Frenchies Naturally by entering in the code FRENCHIEFAMILY at checkout.

You can start reading more about Frenchies here as we add one blog post all about them each week.

Congrat’s on your Frenchie baby! You will be snuggling the days away before you know it!